Mrzeżyno – a picturesque place with some wild spots.

Mrzeżyno is a seaside resort in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in Szczecin Pomerania, in the municipality of Trzebiatów, 10 km away and only 18 km from Kołobrzeg.

Although, according to some sources, there was already a prosperous trading port at the mouth of the Rega River in the 15th century and the first Spa House was operating here as early as 1806, i.e. 24 years earlier than in the most famous seaside health resort of Kołobrzeg, the town did not undergo such rapid development as Kołobrzeg, located at the mouth of the Parsęta River. According to legend, it was the Kołobrzeg townsmen who were envious of the competitive harbour, but in our opinion, Mrzeżyno did not come off badly at all.

Today, it is a picturesque holiday resort with a modern, renovated fishing port, comfortable facilities with a wide range of spa and wellness offers and the necessary infrastructure, while at the same time retaining its intimate character and almost unspoilt natural areas.

It is the perfect place to take care of the balance of body, mind and spirit with a sense of general wellbeing:

Here you will find clean, wide sandy beaches with a safe bathing area opened in the summer season, which for several years, year after year, has been able to boast the international seal of quality for bathing beaches – the Blue Flag.

Walking further inland, you will encounter a gentle line of dunes anchored by the so-called Baltic dune Scots pine woods – the most beautiful pine woods on the Polish coast, abounding in numerous rare and protected plant species.

Beautiful woodland paths provide excellent opportunities for hiking and cycling. The EuroVelo R10 international cycling route – the Route Around the Baltic Sea – also runs through Mrzeżyno.

The Rega river, mountainous in some places, provides opportunities for canoeing and fishing.

The seaport, with its mooring place for cruise ships, gives the opportunity to feel the sea breeze directly on your face during a cruise on one of the selected ships, and the yacht harbour for 40 yachts also opens Mrzeżyno to yachting enthusiasts.

If, after all these activities, you get hungry then, right after leaving the ship, you must try freshly prepared fish in one of the numerous fish restaurants or smokehouses located along the harbour.

To find out more about the opportunities and attractions offered during your stay in Mrzezyno, we invite you to continue reading our blog, where we will try to bring you closer to what is particularly important to us.

Ps. Finally, a trivia: Not that we are competing with anyone, but the ceremony of Poland’s wedding to the sea also took place here one day earlier than in Kołobrzeg, as can be seen on the stone commemorating this event – the Monument of Poland’s Wedding to the Sea.