Bicycle – one track, network of roads, the sea of advantages

Western Pomerania can be walked around, sailed around, but it can also be cycled around. Along the Baltic coastline there is a network of picturesque cycle paths in the immediate vicinity of the beach, among forest tracks, fields or even around lakes. They are of different surface, wide or narrow, but always pleasant and safe.
In Mrzezyno you will easily find many cycle-friendly places where you can make a pleasant stop – in a modern harbour, for a tasty fish, or even on history or nature trails. Or simply in beautiful, peaceful natural surroundings.
If you are not particularly committed to your own unicycle, you can easily hire a bicycle for an hour a day, or several days, in the area during the high season. Matched to your tastes, weight, height and even eye colour.
Once you have the right equipment, you can settle down on forest paths and enjoy the scent of conifers, the rustle of trees or look out for unique species of flora or fauna. You decide what distance you will traverse and how much pleasure you will get.
Alternatively, when you feel you are close to an overdose of iodine, you can move slightly away from the sea by cycling inland to the headquarters of the local municipality, Trzebiatow. The entire Mrzeżyno – Trzebiatów – Mrzeżyno route is around 20 km and can easily be traversed even by the youngest cyclists.
Finally, we leave the icing on the cake: the international route belonging to the EuroVelo route network, also known as the Hanseatic Coastal Route – Velo Baltica – runs through Mrzeżyno. It is easily recognisable by its green R-10 marking and can be followed in the direction of Kołobrzeg, a journey of approx. 40 km in both directions. If you head west, you can visit many picturesque seaside towns and their attractions. Starting from Pogorzelica, through Niechorze, Rewal (where it is impossible not to stop at the viewing platform), Trzęsacz all the way to Pobierowo. The whole route in both directions is about 60 km, but of course you can turn back at any point…or go even further?
You can read more about the route, its attractions and opportunities on the West Pomeranian Voivodeship website dedicated to cyclists (
A lot has already been written about the benefits of changing to a bicycle, so we will not do so here. However, we feel obliged to warn our visitors: Caution: the pleasure of cycling is addictive.